Taylor Smith

Chemistry Major

Xavier University

2012 Boaz Scholar


Jennifer Lingerfelt

Mathematics Major

University of West Georgia 

2012 Boaz Scholar


Previous Boaz Scholars



Faith Hickenbotham

Healthcare Management Major

Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham

2016 Boaz Scholar


Boaz Scholarship

As a high school senior with no college savings, BSC's CEO Ophelia Johnson knew that she needed scholarships in order to reach her goals. Stepping out on faith, Ophelia emptied her svaings account and created the Boaz Scholarship to help other students reach their goals as well.
At the time, Ophelia offered two scholarships to fellow graduating seniors. Continuing the Boaz Scholarship has provided her with invaluable experience and great insights into what scholarship reviewers look for. 

Ophelia's Journey

"After numerous rejections, I was tempted to get discouraged and stop applying for scholarships. But I was raised by a single mom who worked hard and never gave up, so I knew I couldn't either. I remember the last scholarship I applied for as a high school senior. I gave it my all, and days later I found out I was awarded the scholarship! 

Later, I realized that I did something different for this scholarship. I did something I didn't do in my previous applications. Armed with encouragement and this newfound knowledge, I continued applying for scholarships and seeing continued success. Now, I hope to help other students achieve their goals using the same lesson I learned."

- Ophelia Johnson

CEO of Boaz Scholars Consulting, LLC




Boaz Scholarship Application


The Boaz Award was created to provide financial assistance to hard-working, determined students pursuing a college education who are motivated to achieve goals related to their passions in life.






Eligibilty Requirements

  • Must be a BSC Client
  • Proof of acceptance into a U.S. college (graduating high school senior) or actively enrolled in a U.S. college full time
  • 3.0 GPA or higher (extenuating cicumstances will be considered for GPA's under 3.0)
Successful applicants are able to express their passions in life and demonstrate evidence of corresponding action in their application.


The application for this year's scholarship award is currently closed. Please check back periodically for updates as eligibility requirements may change. BSC Clients can choose to request automotatic updates via email.