Ophelia, a New Orleans native, graduated summa cum laude from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master’s of Engineering degree in Design and Commercialization. Ophelia has gained a wealth of experience from years of working with students through tutoring, mentoring, and conducting educational outreach programs.

Having applied for hundreds of scholarships over the course of her educational career, Ophelia offers her personal insight into scholarship application processes. She has gained her expertise by learning from past rejections as well as numerous national 

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Boaz Scholars Consulting (BSC) assists students in finding and applying for scholarships to fund their college education. At BSC, we believe that our guidance can make obtaining a college education more affordable.


Our mission is to help students achieve their educational and career goals.


BSC Helping Students Reach Their Goals

BSC offers a number of affordable services that can not only help students but also inform parents about ways to finance their child’s education. From college admission applications and entrance exams, to scholarship applications and essays, BSC can provide insights to equip you with the knowledge you desire.
Our highly experienced staff provide personalized feedback to students and parents regarding scholarship application packages, college admission essays, and more. We help ensure that our clients highlight their achievements in the best light possible and present competitive applications. 


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Ophelia Johnson

CEO and Co-Founder, Boaz Scholars Consulting LLC

scholarship awards won. Ophelia is a Barry Goldwater Scholar, UNCF-Merck Undergraduate Research Fellow, Tau Beta Pi Scholar and Fellow, National Science Research Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and a Marshall Scholar. In addition to these national collegiate awards, Ophelia has had much success in winning local scholarships from her schools and community.

With over $350,000 in scholarship awards, Ophelia completed both of her college degrees debt free and aims to help other students do the same.


LaBonnie Wells, Jr.

President and Co-Founder, Boaz Scholars Consulting LLC

LaBonnie was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. His excellent leadership skills were recognized early in his educational career and allowed him to quickly rise through ranks. As Command Chief of his Navy JROTC unit in high school, LaBonnie’s discipline and attention to detail earned him a coveted position in a specialized training program with the U.S. Army. After finishing his time with the Army, LaBonnie honed in his analytical and critical thinking skills by furthering his education in Criminology and Human Behavior.

In addition to his role as President, LaBonnie provides his expertise as the Lead Analyst at BSC. He identifies the strengths in each client’s background and matches them to scholarships they are eligible to apply for.